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г. Снежногорск, ул. Флотская, д. 9
Адрес Администрации ЗАТО Александровск
+7 (815-30) 6-00-53
Приемная Администрации ЗАТО Александровск

About city

56t8y69kx66y43uphc5i6bpd2urpr10x.png The city district of the closed administrative-territorial formation of Alexandrovsk of the Murmansk region is an administrative-territorial formation with local self-government bodies, within which military and other facilities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other federal departments of the Russian Federation are located, for which a special regime of safe functioning and protection of state secrets is established, including special living conditions for citizens.

The official (full) name of the municipality is the city district of the closed administrative–territorial formation of Alexandrovsk, Murmansk region. The abbreviated name is BUT Alexandrovsk.